One of a Kind Villas Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for being host to wild parties, but there is much more to the island than that. It offers nice restaurants and beach cafes, you can enjoy many outdoor activities in the beautiful nature and yet peace and quiet is easy to be found.


The attractive features of Ibiza make it a popular holiday destination, which results in a huge offer of villas, hotels and other travel arrangements. Good news: the best villas to stay on the island can all be found through One of a Kind Villas Ibiza.

Co-owner Reinoud ten Cate: “We select all accommodations ourselves, because it’s important to us that they are authentic and ch arming. We don’t offer the typi cal impersonal Spanish rental homes with a shiny floor and wooden furniture. The houses we offer are mainly traditional but stylish fincas and modern villas with sleek shapes, that can accommodate at least four and up to twenty four people.”

Most of the villas on One of a Kind Villas Ibiza are located in quiet locations on the island and have beautiful surroundings. Ten Ca te adds: “No construction sites will rise any time soon. The government of Ibiza prevents that from happening, so the beautiful view and surroundings will stay untouched.”

When booking through One of a Kind Villas Ibiza, you will get personal help from the team. “We all love Ibiza for the diversity it offers and the fact that it is still quite an empty island.” That is what makes Ibiza perfect for a f amily holiday. “Cafes, nature and restaurants are always close by and from April until October the weather is sunny, so Ibiza is a place for everyone to enjoy.” An overview of some alluring activities can be found on “You can for example go sailing in a catamaran on a relaxing one-day trip to see the beauty of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.”

To get around, One of a Kind V illas Ibiza also offers help renting a car during your stay, and the local team is ready to answer any question you have. But most important: you know you will arrive at a quality home after a day of traveling. “We only offer villas we have seen ourselves, so we can be sure we recommend quality villas that allow people to enjoy their holiday to the utmost!”