Escoda Sanahuja Wine-growing Estate Cover

Escoda Sanahuja Wine-growing Estate

…Ramon Escoda. “Even though we’re near the Penedès (the wellknown wine and Cava producing region nearby), our wines taste nothing like theirs. Our wines are warmer and closer in style…

Château Font du Broc Cover

Château Font du Broc

the property, summarises his philosophy about the wine: “May my vines be raised with endless care, my wine looked after with infinite attention. Never should there be any resort to…

Domaine de la Tourade Cover

Domaine de la Tourade

…Tourade in Gigondas (Vaucluse, France) appears, at first glance, to offer a perfectly normal taste of the region’s long-standing wine tradition.Reds, whites, and a sweet option, plus regular wine tastings…

Vignobles Bonfils Cover

Vignobles Bonfils

warmly, all those years ago. As Laurent Bonfils always says: “Developing wine tourism is all about being ambassadors for the Languedoc.” Facebook: bonfilswines Instagram: @bonfilswines best wordpress themes…

Château Léoube Cover

Château Léoube

benefits from a state-of-the-art winery and the expertise of Romain Ott, a scion of a legendary wine dynasty. Yet Léoube wines show a distinctiveness all of their own. Léoube-style rosé…

Domaine FL Cover

Domaine FL

A family love affair with fine wines TEXT: KATIE TURNER | PHOTOS © DOMAINE FL “Wine was like forbidden fruit for me growing up,” reminisces Julien Fournier, manager of the…

Domaine Vincent Carême Cover

Domaine Vincent Carême

14, under the watchful eye of his grandfather, who started the farm and winery in 1999. Wine was equally important for Tania as a child too. “There was always wine